ICT Field Consortium lecture at the Center for Advanced Science Research, The University of Tokyo

Professor Inada of the Center for Advanced Science Research, University of Tokyo gave me a chance to lecture at the “ICT Field Consortium” held at the Center for Advanced Science Research, University of Tokyo on February 17. I have a chance to meet with many IT leading companies and related people and I would like to thank Professor Morikawa, Professor Inada, Secretariat and everyone who participated in this occasion. The seasonal topic is Germany Industry 4.0, and I learned a lot about how to make use of open data and Professor Inada’s lecture on smart manufacturing. As a worker who is advancing reform and improvement in the field of manufacturing industry, I am very interested in the evolution of the ICT industry and open efforts. In the manufacturing industry in Japan, there are still apprenticeship and closed business habits, and SMEs and other companies are not yet in the stage of utilizing ICT. The title of this lecture is titled “Necessity of IT /M2M and network Keiretsu in Japanese manufacturing”, I introduced our products , Japanese version IoT system M-Karte and Densho which are intregrated in electronics and molds, production machines, factory monitoring equipment etc. Many companies, including Toyota GR Association Cooperation Fellowship, Nissan’s Treasure Association, and business partner cooperation association, formulated the world’s best auto industry by reducing quality and cost through cooperation system. In recent years, we have relocated molds, jigs and parts manufacturing overseas to see if there is no surplus or if it’s cheap. For that reason, domestic factories hollowed out. From now on, I am convinced that the knowledge network keiretsu utilizing ICT, not the past patterns, will evolve and develop the future of manufacturing of Japan.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO