Big Data Seminar Lecture, Osaka Chamber of Commerce

On March 19th, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce invited me to give a lecture in the Big Data Seminar. I would like to express my gratitude for this great opportunity. About 120 Management level officials participated, and I can truly feel their deep interest. Big data is certainly begun to penetrate into the industry. It is both a technology and a business opportunity, and I think it is possible to create new products based on the idea. Of course, it can be imagined that simply gathering up data will be awkward and cannot be used. As I grew up in the automotive industry, at this seminar I introduced the KMC innovation initiatives from the manufacturing perspective. The data generated from manufacturing site such as manufacturing condition data, manufacturing data, and maintenance data, temperature data, workers data, defect management data etc. become one enormous ‘big data’. The problem lies in how to use the data collection and how to link it to profit. The source of profit is cost reduction, efficiency improvement and defect elimination. Another thing is quality assurance, which is regarded as important nowadays. Analysis based on mapping technology between production equipment utilizing M2M technology and manufacturing data / defect / maintenance etc. is also important. In particular, in terms of quality assurance, traceability of digital data by ICT is indispensable, not human documentation records. Failure to eliminate the “false” record which becomes a problem at Chinese factories and the like may lead to serious complaints that turn over the company. Prediction and prevention of troubles that can be read from the past and data can be an important factor of the manufacturing system in the future, and that effort affects the future of the company. The same goes to SME that is being hollowed out by the shift towards global production. The proposal I have made is to establish a quality assurance system of group companies that do not leak water including finished car manufacturers, Tier 1, Tier 2, mold manufacturers in the “Keiretsu Network”. The efforts has already started with KMC’s M-Karte and Knowledge Densho.

By Seiki Sato, President and CEO