KMC will participate in the exhibition Intermold 2015. We are a part of the booth of the Japan Mold Industry Association.

Our exhibition’s contents are the products from Software Department that are currently used by automobile makers, tier1 makers, tier 2 makers and mold makers such as Mold M-Karte and Knowledge Densho, and also providing a demonstration environment for them. We have started operation for mold factories, molding factories, painting factory, press factory and casting factory. Many manufacturers are planning to introduce our products into their factories in the new fiscal year from this April, and this year we plan to expand to overseas factories. For those who wanted to test our products, do visit our booth. From our R&D Department, we will present our automatic tool polishing machine that has been distributed to many makers called Denken, and also a QR code cutting machine QR Cut. Although the cutting machine is still a prototype, official sales are scheduled for June. As another prior announcement, we will also exhibit a new generation controller called ΣGunshi. It can perform 32 axis multiple control on general purpose software on windows, and at the same time perform high speed real time machine control. Formal sales will start next year, but we start to supply it as a research machine.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO