Automatic Recognition April Issue, Development of Production M-Karte and QR Cutting Machine

Recently, I contributed an article in the April issue of Automatic Recognition magazine entitled ‘Electrical Information Strategy for Next Generation Manufacturing: Production M-Karte and QR Plate cutting machine’s development’. In the automobile industry market, there are complaints every day. The success or failure of quality assurance and claims prevention efforts is now the most important task related to the company’s existence. Advertisements by system vendors such as IoT, M2M, Big Data, and Industry 4.0 are gorgeous, but in order to eliminate defects and defects, it will not be possible without solving the problem at the work site itself. Long ago, Mayor Giuliani of New York has a famous story that has embarked from small crime countermeasures in town to eradicate crime and it resulted in a drastic decrease in crime such as murder. It is said that he learned from the Japanese style of analyzing statistical data and take logical measures. The manufacturing industry in Japan is currently in a bad shape. Due to sudden overseas expansion, the appreciation of the yen and the influence of Lehman had caused SME and mold/equipment/tools factories domestically to hollow out and collapse. Today, it is necessary to take serious measures to gather data from small problems data collection analyze and tackle PDCA countermeasures. I wrote with such thoughts in my mind. This time, we have developed QR Cutting, a dedication QR Plate cutting machine, the first in the world. In conjunction with the production of M-Karte, we are confident that QR stamping and individual recognition will be possible for molds and tools and metal products in the future and will greatly contribute to identifying the cause of the problem.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO