Published in M2M/IoT Textbook (Impress Standard Textbook Series)

The most popular textbook on M2M/IoT Impress Standard Textbook is now on sale nationwide. Supervised by Professor Inada of Advanced Science and Technology Center in University of Tokyo, KMC is introduced in Chapter 4 part 11 as a model consulting company of M2M technology. IoT is picked up every day in industrial magazines and newspaper, and the competition for development will intensify among Germany and America. I am not sure about other industries; however, in the world of manufacturing, I felt that the topic is led by 3D CAD, PLM and RP (recently 3D printer). I think IoT that fits Japan’s locality and for global expansion of Japanese companies are highly in demand. I think that IoT evolves along with activities especially defect analysis and the prevention technology to eradicate defects, shortening the time of development/mold/production, and turning know-how into improvement of manufacturing standards. I would like to create and innovate to the inverted triangle society by not just to succumb to the ioT standards of Germany, but to have IoT that fits Japan and through the new Keiretsu (supply chain) system.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO