Die and mold Technologist Meeting 2015, Lecture, Introduction of Mold M-Karte, Densho and Denken

On June 16th and 17th, the Die and Mold technologist Meeting is held. KMC presented on the topic ‘Electronic Information technology strategies in manufacturing industry that Japan should aim for’ on the 17th and mainly talked about our Japan version IoT system Mold M-Karte and Knowledge Densho. In the prototype development mold TRY (Defects) and during mass production ‘special treatment’ etc. is definitely needed, we can see the repetitive patterns of defects in mass production that at worst, can lead to a recall. Instead of running away from the problem, we should face them head on with traceability and analysis as our tool. Another matter is that in the meeting there are many attendances from big companies but only few SME attended. I think that big companies needed to cultivate mold factories. That will be the cause of advancement of Japan die and mold technology. On top of that, we also need a medium where young venture mold factories can grow.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO