KMC Fund collaboration and support for SME manufacturing industry 6/29 Nikkan Kogyo

On June 29th the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun newspaper published an article about KMC’s full-scale business revitalization and technical support for SME manufacturing industry. Specifically, we will rebuild the manufacturing industry, which is sluggish in competition, by integrating with investment funds and financial institutions to revitalize company’s succession and business merger. Many people in our technical team, including Sato, have experience in technical consulting for over 120 large manufacturing companies, and the team is innovative in shortening development period, shortening delivery deadline, reducing cost and improving productivity. Certified Public Accountant are also among our team, and in recent years investment funds and financial institutions have been asking for advice about their target business issues and growth, and growth strategies and practical consultations after merger. We have reduced the cost by introducing our technology consulting services cultivated over many years and introducing system such as Mold M-Karte and Knowledge Densho, and we also introduce business matching and recruitment with our customers leading to improvement in sales, revitalization of business and continuous growth. Recently, we also respond to structural reforms that caused by decline in profits by overseas factories such as China, Thailand and Indonesia, and offer consultations on overseas expansion elsewhere such as Mexico and India. In the article, support for the growth strategies of investment fund J-STAR and Kugami, Inc. is introduced. Also, under the recognition of regeneration councils in Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, we will continue to provide our support for SMEs in the region.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO