August 4th, China Dalian expansion seminar, lecture

I gave a lecture entitled ‘Issues of overseas industries like China, the application of ICT/IoT, and current and future issues’ in a Expansion to Dalian, China seminar organized by Kawasaki Municipal Industry Promotion Center, Kanagawa Prefecture, and JETRO Yokohama. I would like to thank the organizers and everyone who participated. Small businesses also have experience doing technology consulting with Japanese business in Dalian China. It is a big issue where there is a pressure on profit and loss due to soaring labor cost, and there is also the problem of old production method. Now the automobile makers are not just auditing tier 1 but also tier 2 makers. In order to acquire new orders and win the competition, it is necessary to improve the quality and productivity in Japan. For that purpose, it is necessary to improve domestic quality and production management by using ICT/IoT and reduce the cost by automation technology that does not depend on human resource expenses. In the end, the company that will survive is a company that integrates well both domestically and internationally. M2M is the method to narrow that gap.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO