Automatic Recognition (Nov) M-Karte Integration with QR Plate/Q1000

In Automatic Recognition, November issue, there was an article on ‘Guidelines for information strategy by Japan version IoT System M-Karte’s evolvement and individual recognition technology. The word IoT is flooding all over the world and I think everyone is confused. The Japan version IoT System proposed by KMC based on M-Karte Series for molds, equipment, production and maintenance, are specifically designed for smart development and production by linking the brains in reduction in defects, improvement in productivity, design of on-site know-how, and mold design. In order to do that, there is a need for individual recognition technology. In order to automatically acquire on-site information, defect condition, mold/equipment condition, maintenance history, parts measurement value etc. there is a need for a type of individual recognition and M2M technology that can gather production information automatically. In this article, there is an introduction of individual recognition through QR code system. The QR Plate developed by KMC is QR code cut into an aluminum plate and completed with glass coating thus making it resistant to chemicals, scratches, rust etc. It is easy to attach to molds, equipment and tools and the QR code can last for 20 years. QR Plate is manufactured with an exclusive QR cutting machine called the Q1000. Both are the world’s first system invention. This will dramatically improve asset management and production technology information management.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO