M-Karte, Q 1000 and QR Plate is introduced in Machine and Tools December Edition

Machine and Tools, December edition (published by Nihon Kogyo Publishing Company) published articles about Japan version IoT System entitled ‘Mold management through Mold M-Karte and QR cutting machine’ and about new product, QR Plate in ‘QR cutting machine: Q1000)’. In the M-Karte Series, new product on equipment called Equipment M-Karte is established. This time, we introduced mold, equipment and tools’ asset management, location management, and other production condition management. In addition, as a individual management device for actual locations of the above, we announced a new product called ‘Q1000’ that cuts QR codes in high speed into aluminum plates ‘QR Plates’. QR Plate is designed to inscribe QR codes for 20 years. The plate is excellent in resisting scratch, rust and chemical reactions. We will start taking orders in December.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO