QR Plate specially for molds, January 13th, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Newspaper

KMC recently announced the creation of QR Plate for molds. Conventionally, QR plates, which requires durability, are processed by laser or photolithography, but there is a problem that these QR plates are weak against rusting etc. This is especially true in case of molds, which require management 15 years after mass production was terminated, in other words 20 years of management. Although QR codes of molds can include information such as manufacturing conditions, location, property management etc., there is no durable QR Plate (KMC trademark, patent pending). We are preparing to offer it with various cloud management service such as Mold M-Karte (On premise M-Karte is already on sale). Actual sale will begin from February, but if there is any questions please inquire through our homepage.