Saitama City, Japan-Germany IoT Seminar, Lecture

On March 4th, I gave a lecture in Saitama City in an event organized by Japan Delegation of Germany Bayern State and Japan External Trade Promotion Organization. The Saitama City International Development Support Seminar, themed ‘Challenge through the world market through cooperation of Japan-Germany Manufacturing SMEs – The fourth industrial revolution. What should SME challenge?’ was attended by many businesses in the perfecture. There are greetings from Saitama Mayor Shimizu and Saitama City Economy Affairs Bureau Director Nakamura, and then a small speech from Dr Gertinger, and a lively panel discussion lead by Mr. Yamagarima, Mr. Yamaguchi from JETRO, and Leader Mr. Sasagawa from Kimoto Inc. Germany presented about their politics, clusters and universities structure (TOP DOWN) that is progressing well, and I talked about Japanese culture of putting grassroots as utmost importance and the IoT know-how feedback flow is (BOTTOM UP) type. On-site IoT system such as M-Karte and Knowledge Densho has been used by many businesses. In my lecture, it might seem to be the opposite of Germany’s but the knowledge from the TOP is also indispensable for top of system introduction and budgeting, and in Japan the government Monozukuri Grant is now open for public offering with the upper limit for IoT tripled, therefore now is a great chance for SME to introduce IoT into their company.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO