Die Technology, April Ed. IoT Special Article: Introduction of Mold M-Karte

The IoT system M-Karte of KMC has been posted on the comprehensive magazines for molds, called Die and Mold Technology, April Edition. This time, it is an interesting article featuring the possibility of IoT in Mold/Molding technology, and it also features our clients and vendors for example, EXEDY. Since our establishment in 2010, we have developed and sold IoT system Mold M-Karte, Production/Equipment M-Karte, Maintenance M-Karte etc. the M-Karte Series. Our products were bought by a wide range of makers including automobile makers, tier 1 makers and SME mold makers, and the effects of the achievement can also be seen. We gained a track record for being the answer to the questions, ‘What is IoT for? What kind of effects does it have?’ Mold M-Karte (trademark, patent registered) and QR plate (patent applied) with individual mold recognition that can last up to 20 years, can give complete traceability by using tablets, from the creation of mold to the maintenance and disposal of mold (medical record, karte). You can extract various on-site know-hows and be able to maintain/prevent defects and malfunctions. Furthermore, if we feedback the know-how into Knowledge Densho, we can utilize the data gained from product development and mold design to realize PDCA of development. Mold is like the ‘mother’ of parts manufacturing. If it is neglected we will get bad parts and complaints. Therefore, we propose the use IoT beginning with mold.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO