2015 SAPOIN Introducing Real-time Control System ‘ΣGunshi m’

Recently there was an announcement of the research and development outcome of the Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support Project (SAPOIN) from Kanto Industrial Bureau of Manufacturing Industry Division. Yesterday, an article about our product ΣGunshi m (registered trademark, patent applied) in Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun newspaper. I have attached the contents to this site’s banner column; please feel free to have a look. KMC would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry which have selected and evaluated us, and those involved in the business management corporation KSP Inc. With the spread of IoT in machine tool control device, there is a growing international competition in research and development. Robotization and labor saving in the manufacturing industry is a fundamental technology in overcoming global development and international competition, and this is a field where Japan cannot be defeated. In the future, we would not limit ourselves to mere machine tool controlling device, but to expand towards combined manufacturing equipment including robots, control equipment for machine lines and control equipment for multiple axis robot. We would continue to challenge new technology development as a venture company and contribute to the society for the development of our clients and Japan