30th anniversary of the Japan Society for Die and Mold Industry anniversary lecture and the 7th edition of Die and Mold Technology

As the article commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Japan Society for Die and Mold Industry, the article was published in the magazine Die and Mold Technology 7th edition. I will be presenting it in the Mold Engineering Conference 2016 on June 23rd. The theme is ‘Connecting Mold Technology! People to people, past and the future’. Although I do not see the letter ‘IoT’ these days, but I always make myself aware of the questions, ‘What is IoT to the mold industry? What are the effects?’ Although it is a short lecture, I will be introducing real examples in the initiative. I believe that the mold corresponds to the ‘mother’ of manufacturing, and parts such as molded articles, presses, castings are like the child. The good and bad parts of the child are attributed to the causes of the mold ‘mother’. Of course, the three-body control including the processing machines and materials enables stable parts production. By utilizing IoT/M2M technology, it can digitally link the equipment information with manufacturing conditions that is traditionally controlled by human operators. As a result, we can eradicate defects, reduce costs, improve productivity, and have prediction prevention. As a solution to that, KMC proposes our product, Mold Denshi Karte and ΣGunshi i.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO