IEEE Metro Area Workshop in Kansai August 4th, Lecture

On August 4th, I gave a lecture in Doshinsha University, Yamakawa Campus at the IEEE Kansai Metro Area Workshop. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Secretariat and Professor Aoyama (Keio University Professor) for the invitation. The title of the lecture is ‘Industry 4.0 in Japan and IoT system’. I introduced the efforts of KMC and our Japan version IoT system Mold M-Karte , Production/Equipment M-Karte and Product M-Karte. I got a lot of questions from the audience and can truly felt their interest in this subject. We started developing the M-Karte series in 2011 in response to why leading medical charts did not develop in the manufacturing industry. I also felt that I got very good tips about IoT in manufacturing from listening to Kyoto University Professor Emeritus Sasada about ‘The Issues in year 2025’ and also the talk about ‘The future of Japan’s Medical Industry and ICT’ by Deputy Cabinet Secretary General of Health and Medical Strategy Office Mr. Fujimoto. In addition, we also talked about the problem of human resources and human education that exist although many other industries have introduced AI and robots. It was great to know that KMC’s product Knowledge Densho System is one step ahead as a solution to that problem. In the future, we hope to develop the Japanese manufacturing industry with these inter-industry exchange.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO


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