Mold No.166 Autumn Edition [IoT/M2M and next generation Mold Manufacturing] Article Writing

I wrote an article about ‘IoT/M2M and next generation mold manufacturing’ for the autumn edition of ‘Mold’ No. 166 of the Japan Mold Industry Association Institute magazine. The theme of the article is about IoT application and sensing technology to mold, and its efficiency. There are many doubts about what kinds of change and effects will IoT has on the mold factory. I have introduced as much as possible examples of mold reform that has been done by KMC for five years. KMC provides ‘Problem-solving’ IoT, and a solution for the combination of machines, sensors and mold. In order for next generation mold factories to survive, there is a need to overcome the problems at hand and work towards providing next generation services. For that purpose, there is a need to utilize NETWORK in expanding the view of work. That challenge is necessary.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO