Mold Industry Association (Technical Committee) Lecture

On February 1st, I spoke about ‘Mold IoT – Current and future situation’ in the second technical committee meeting of the Mold Industry Association. I discussed a wide range of topics such as the introduction of KMC’s activities and the actual issues and effect of it. In addition, I also talked about how will AI be used, how will the supply chain be, how will the society change in the future, and how should we handle the mold/parts manufacturing industry. From now on, Japan will enter a mode of decreasing population, and in 2060, it is expected that the population will drop from 90 million people to 50 million people, and the working population will be 50% of that population. In other words, it is necessary to increase the sales to the amount of ½ of employees. How can we raise production rate per employee and the GDP value? It may be necessary to mobilise IoT, M2M, robots and AI, but the most important thing is humans and the main point is to train and educate human resources. China and South East Asia are also walking the same path. I also think that the Technical Committee is a great and fun committee that supports each other (There are also experienced Presidents and CEOs). I hope I can contribute my part to this committee. I hereby would like to thank Technical Committee Chief Mr. Sakanishi and Managing Director Nakazato, and also all the members of the committee.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO