Introduction of KMC’s Ground-breaking IoT System (ΣGunshi i) by the Nihon Butsuryu Shinbun newspaper

On February 25th, the Nihon Butsuryu Shinbun newspaper introduced KMC’s IoT Software (ΣGunshi i) as a ground-breaking IoT tool. The exhibition of Intermold 2017 at Tokyo Big Site on April 12th was featured and the KMC was introduced as ”Affordable Cloud IoT Package and One-Stop Contract-to-Construction IoT/M2M Comprehensive Maker”. In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s ”Examples of usage of IoT in Small and Medium Manufacturing Company”, KMC has been featured in detail, together with our customer Yamaguchi Manufacturing, Co. Ltd.


By Sato Seiki, President and CEO