Nagasaki University Lecture: 4th Industrial revolution of SME and IoT

On June 2nd, I gave a lecture entitled ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution of S&M Enterprise and IoT’ in the course ‘Future Orientation Control Course’ in Nagasaki University. There are many people who participated in the lecture, for example Nagasaki enterprises, local enterprises and university officials etc. and I truly felt the great interest people had in IoT. Together with other lecturers; Professor Inada, former lecturer of the Tokyo University and former Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications; Mr. Fukushima, Manager of Kyushu Taxation Bureau and Associate Professor Tanaka of Nagasaki University, we introduced some advanced initiatives in this field. IoT may sound as though we are grasping at clouds, but I think it starts with collecting data using IoT/M2M, how can the data be used, how the data contributes to new business structure and development of companies. Regional development may start from government initiatives, but IoT will be the key technology. The lecture was held for the first year with support from Nikko Engineering and it was a fruitful initiative to create new business opportunities for Nagasaki under the industry-university collaboration. I wish to express my gratitude for all the parties involved, and I hope for the great development of Nagasaki University and Nagasaki city.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO