Konica Minolta’s Managing Executive Officer Mr Shingo Arai Presented about KMC’s M-Karte’s Usage Example

On June 1st, ‘IBM Automobile Manufacturing Industry Executive Seminar’ was held in Nagoya Marriot Associate Hotel. In the keynote lecture, Konica Minolta’s Managing Executive Officer of the Manufacturing Division, Mr. Shingo Asai, introduced Konica Minolta’s effort to reform the manufacturing process, ‘Digital Manufacturing’. He also spoke about the introduction of KMC’s product, M-Karte (Manufacturing Karte) and M-Document (Manufacturing Document). M-Karte® is new product of the cloud version development of M-Karte® and it is expanded to mold, production, measurement and inventory App for the management from materials to production, quality assurance and inventory for big companies. There is also an SME version where the customer can choose the minimum module they need. M-Document is a tool that can be browsed like an e-book like forms and manuals generated by M-Karte, and it is a tool that can drastically reduce man-hours by document-less purchasing to production, inspection and management. For M2M data acquisition from press machines to molding machines and automatic machines, Konica Minolta’s introduction of ΣGunshi i shows Konica Minolta’s practice of independent (from human, place, country, and change) manufacturing.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO