Kawasaki City Takatsu District Exchange Meet, June 12th IoT Study Meet, Lecture

In response to a request from Kawasaki City, KMC, which is located in Takatsu District, Kawasaki City, participated as a lecturer in the local exchange meet for young entrepreneurs. There are about 30 members and they held a meeting once a month and I truly felt their enthusiasm from the bottom of my heart. Kawasaki City is a place in Japan where there are quite a number of manufacturers, however recently, due to overseas relocation of factories, the number of manufacturers here have decreased. Despite this situation, there are still many SME manufacturers working hard and I am very glad to know that. Of course, they struggle with the problems of customers leaving and not having enough human resource, but they are still running strong. KMC is also hoping to contribute to the development of IoT. Specifically, we hope to propose systems that is fitting to actual situations of the company, and provide a community-oriented cloud service from Takatsu district to all over the world.


By Seiki Sato, President and CEO