Die Technology Vol. 32 (July issue) “Mold innovation and mold management” Article Writing

KMC’s Iot/M2M “Mold innovation and mold management” was published in the “Die Technology July issue” of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.


The below topics are mainly mentioned:
1. IoT/M2M usage examples in the Press Mold Industry
2. ‘Mold Technology Knowhow Cycle’ which is used so that there will be no repeat of the same defects
3. Mold management (capital management, inventory management)


The mold technology knowhow cycle realizes the world’s first “front loading” that accumulates defect information occurring in a mold / mass production factory in real time and converts it into know-how of product design. Regarding mold management, we realized many of our customers’ opinions on globalization of production bases and mold storage for service parts.


I hope that the article will help you solve some issues. Do purchase it and have a read.


By Naoki Horiguchi, Executive Officer