Malaysia Nikkei Business Forum 2017


On Thursday November 30, the Nikkei Newspaper Company and Malaysian Investment Development Agency (MIDA) have organized the Malaysia Nikkei Business Forum 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Miyagawa, Ambassador of Japan in Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib appeared in keynote lecture, and Director of Production Division Managing Executive Officer Dr. Asai from Konica Minolta spoke in a special lecture. Dr. Asai gave the talk about digital manufacturing of SIC (Smart Industrial Center) developed in Malaysia, KMC’s IoT software: M-Karte and M2M system: case examples of utilization of Σ M, and the prime minister ‘s expectation for this SIC to achieve the Malaysian version Industry 4.0 was introduced and attracted a lot of attention. I talked to CEO Azman Mahmud of Malaysia Investment Development Agency (MIDA), reported that we established KMC Solutions (M) in Malacca, confirmed the future cooperative relationship, expected success in SIC and development of KMC.


Malaysia is the center of 600 million Asian center and is expected to be a manufacturing hub / distribution hub. Particularly since the government strongly backed the IoT, expectations for KMC’s IoT solutions are increasing, so we will expand KMC’s local subsidiary KMCS (M) as a base for Asia strategy.


President and CEO Seiki Sato