Introduction of IoT case usage by Smart IoT Forum

Based on the fact that its industrial and social structure is changing drastically globally in all fields owing to the development of technologies such as IoT · Big Data (BD) · Artificial Intelligence (AI) etc., the Smart IoT Forum established IoT Promotion Consortium (Chairman: Jun Murai Keio University) in October 2015 with the aim of challenging industry, academia and government to change the new era by promoting technology development and demonstration, A technology development working group promoting technology development and demonstration related to IoTwas established.


KMC was introduced as an IoT Introduction Example in the forum. Please do have a look


‘IoT system for multi-product small lot type super high precision machining’ by NSS Co Ltd



‘Press processing / assembly by mold IoT solution – Mold manufacturing – Part processing’ by Yamaguchi Seisakusho Co Ltd