Responding to next-generation manufacturing through advanced automation



M2M products are a group of products that automate existing production machines and respond to manufacturing based on new era IoT. “ΣM’’ series are for automatic collection of the production machine log information and controlling it more efficiently, “Ω measurement” series are for automatic measurement system corresponding to IoT, “Denken’’ Series are for automatic tool polishing.






Σ軍師シリーズは、工場内にある生産機をIoT / M2Mに対応させるための製品群。新旧メーカーの生産機や後付けセンサーの情報を収集する「Σ軍師i」と、4-5台の(最大32軸)の生産機を統合制御可能な次世代知能型CNC「Σ軍師m」を提供しています。







弊社の「電子カルテ」シリーズをはじめとするIoTシステムとの連携機能も搭載。新旧加工機が混在する工場を、最新の IoT / M2M対応工場へと進化させることができます。

ΣM series is a product group to make production machines in factories correspond to IoT / M2M. We provide “ΣM i” which is for collecting information on production machines and retrofitting sensors of old and new makers’ machines, and also the next generation intelligent CNC “ΣM m” which is capable of integrated control of 4-5 machines (up to 32 axes).

Features of ΣM i

It connects to various production machines from multiple manufacturers including old machines. It is a dedicated information collecting device for production logging data. You can also collect information on various types of sensors such as vibration and temperature, etc. overload the sensors all at once, and manage it centrally. It can immediately catch equipment and condition defects by adopting FA computer that can patrol and issue a warning at the site. It is truly the director of the production site.

It is a production data collection device that collects various sensor data collectively. It collects information from processing machines of multiple manufacturers in the factory, as well as various attached sensors such as vibration, temperature and overload, collectively.It is possible to integrate with existing ERP system and our IoT service “M-Karte” series.

Features of ΣM m

This is a next-generation intelligent CNC capable of integrated control of up to 32 axes of processing machines. If it is a 3-axis processing machine, 4 to 5 units can be controlled simultaneously. It has high degree of freedom to design and operate general-purpose processing machines and special equipment of different manufacturers.

It is equipped with its own high-speed processing module and is able to maximize the performance of processing machines. By updating the electrical equipment and control equipment, machine tools that used to be active will be resurrected. It also supports various network and sensors. It is possible to constantly monitor the operation of the processing machine.

We also have an integration function with our IoT system “M-Karte” series. We can change any factory with old and new processing machines to the latest IoT / M2M compatible factory.

Σ军师系列是将工厂生产机器与IoT / M2M相对应的产品组。我们提供“Σ军师i”来收集新旧制造商生产机器和改装传感器的信息,和提供能够整合和控制4-5台(最多32轴)生产机器的下一代智能CNC“Σ军师m”。

∑军师 i的特色

兼容多种生产厂家的各种生产机器,包括旧机。它是用于收集生产测井数据的专用信息设备。关于各种后附件传感器(如温度和过载传感器)的信息也可以集中收集和管理在一个单位。采用FA电脑进行巡视,并在现场发出警告,即时抓住设备和状况缺陷。 正是生产现场的主管’军师‘。


∑军师 m的特色



我们还与我们的IoT系统“M-Karte”系列具有集成功能。 我们可以将任何具有旧和新型加工机器的工厂更换为最新的IoT / M2M兼容工厂。


QR Plate





In the automobile industry, there is a duty to keep molds for 15 years after mass production is cut off, and it is set to 7 years even for commercial products. Currently, the environment where equipment and molds are stored in does not very good with conditions such as lack of temperature and humidity control, and limit of sunlight depending on the time zone.

Therefore, there was a concern that bar codes or QR codes cannot be read by a reader after a few years even if they are attached to the mold due to peeling off, dirt and scratches.

In light of these circumstances, KMC has developed “QR Plate” which has a QR code cut directly on an aluminum plate and has a surface glass coating. We have types A to D, boasting overwhelming resistance compared with conventional printed material and a guarantee of recognition for about 20 years in presumed mold storage environment.










Constant measurement of the amount of wear of the tool in the machine during operation and automatic polishing of the tool. It is an epoch-making nonstop machining device that fully automates the tool diameter correction after polishing with original correction software. We provide both MC’s Denken and Lathe’s Denken.

Measurement of abrasion, polishing and correction are carried out automatically. This helps to eliminate the need to change tools due to wear and tear. In addition, it also allows for automatic long-term operation of processing machine on weekend and night, thus greatly improving the operation rate and contributing to the shortening of delivery time.

In addition to improving productivity by fully automated nonstop machining, we can effectively reduce manufacturing cost due to advantages such as extended tool life and reduced outsourcing costs for tool re-polishing.