NSS Co. Ltd.

Accumulates and analyze processing machine data and improves efficiency of various kinds and small quantities production.

Established in 1939, NSS Co., Ltd. manufactures precision mechanical parts based in Ojiya city, Niigata Prefecture. NSS mainly provide high precision parts like spindles, which are the heart of machine tools. Due to the nature of the product, many kinds of products that were being produced are in small quantity. IoT focused on improving its productivity.

NC data that are conventionally managed by technicians are registered. We made it work in conjunction with the machining chart, and are able to instantaneously call it to start machining. In addition, the combination of tools and tool holders is centrally managed, coupled with the measurement data of the processing machine and analyzed, thereby realizing high-quality stable production.

Mr. Nakamachi, president of the company said, “We must deal with the shortage of personnel by IoT because it is a multi-product small volume production, it is an indispensable effort for the future of the company.”